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Undergrads at the University of Chicago recreate COMPASS--the first improv cabaret.

"Family Reunion" - an improvised movie facilitated by David Shepherd and Nancy Fletcher from The Group Creativity Project.

Empower your community! Buy "That Movie In Your Head" (see book section).
Play games that get you in shape to go on camera. Amy Swisher and Shepherd lead frequent improv groups in Amherst. For info call (413) 256-3493.

The first group creativity project was a storefront cabaret--Chicago COMPASS, produced by Paul Sills and David Shepherd in 1955. It employed Barbara Harris, Mike Nichols, Elaine May and Shelley Berman, becoming the inspiration for Second City and Saturday Night Live.

Undergrads from the University of Chicago have performed a replica of the first COMPASS show—exactly 50 years ago to the day. The show featured the "Living News," a scenario play and audience suggestions.

stretch your BODY, MEMORY, EMOTIONS,
and your sense of LAUGHTER, CHARACTER, and STORY!

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