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MOVIExperience at St Mark's Bar in NYC:
Cohen, Shepherd & Genetsky




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NEW RELEASE: DVD about origin of improvisation. Shot by Michael di Paolo in East Hampton, N.Y., the DVD opens with a personal statement by Shepherd (26 minutes) and ends with an hour of similar material about the origin of improvisation. For a copy mailed to your home send a check to Group Creativity for $12 plus your address and zip. We are 1029 Federal, Belchertown, MA 01007.


Amazon.com Editorial Reviews of "...that Movie in Your Head"

"David Shepherd introduced me to improvisation. And improv changed my life."
Alan Alda, Emmy Award Winning Actor

"Shepherd started it all...it’s no surprise...he’s still on the cutting edge of the improvisational art form."
—Andrew Alexander, Owner/Executive Producer, The Second City

"David Shepherd is the avant garde of an accessible film making movement."
Paul Sills, Founding Producer of Second City and Story Theater

Customer Reviews

"Where has this book been all my life? ... Innovative and exciting. I devoured this book - which can be appreciated by people from all walks of life. A fantastic creative outlet for those bored with sitting on their couch in front of the tv. By the end of the first chapter I was already shooting test footage with my friends."
—Michael Golding, LA

"Informative and entertaining. This book has some great suggestions for getting people engaged in creating and collaborating."
—Noell Wolfgram Evans from Columbus, OH



Soon as you get your group together to improvise a movie, David will give you a half hour of free advice. He's been using one format or another to turn out video movies for three decades. Now called "MOVIExperience," his new formula is almost ten years old and has been used by groups as far west as Arizona and as far east as East Hampton, NY.

His book, "…that Movie in Your Head," offers details on brainstorming a scenario and casting it, Coach's Signals preparing the cast for the camera and help with decisions, for instance, on whether or not to shoot Take II. Both staff jobs and tech backup are described fully. A chapter on story telling is filled out with sample plots that have been shot or can be shot. Interviews with experienced videographers from 18 years old to 60 are included with sample projects—some instructive failures, others wildly successful.

Unlike many guides out there, this isn't weighed down with technical detail or product descriptions. It concentrates on the central elements of video design: camera, location, microphone, lighting. What are your options in shooting? Will your scenario work? How can your cast be warmed up? What makes for a specialy interesting location? Because young readers will stumble less on our text and examples, they’ll think more for themselves. They’ll see many opportunities to trade jobs--Coach to Asst. Coach, for instance, or Player to Boom Operator. We recommend having enough copies of the Guide on hand so participants can take it into a corner or carry it home and absorb what they find most helpful. There’s always time to fill during a shoot, and the Guide offers an ideal way to fill it.

We offer two ways to get into video story telling. Next to our conventional text we’ve set a “fast track” where readers are encouraged to shoot first and ask questions later. People entering the video world at a young age will appreciate our “fast track.” It gives them the taste for mastering projects about which they are not quite clear. It assumes they are ready for the next flight up into video mastery. It makes them think on their own. Still they can fall back on video games and exercises in the slower curriculum. The Guide encourages all readers to invent stories and develop them to the point where scenarios can be pulled out for production later. Also, several revealing stories about productions are included toward the end of the Guide. In brief, 200 pages can whisk a reader from total ignorance of video to a friendly familiarity. We also list websites where you can take a plunge into current dialogs about technical and artistic issues.


WRITE CHECK or MONEY ORDER for $22.00 (S & H included) made to Group Creativity Projects. Send to 1029 Federal, Belchertown, MA 01007.

Choose your video team; then call and ask for David's free advice.

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