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Andy Duncan, Barbara Harris & David Shepherd satirize high fashion at Chicago COMPASS.


Group Creativity has enjoyed the support of interns from Smith, UMass, Bennington and Mt. Holyoke. They helped organize an archive (1950's through 1970's) about the first professional theatre of improvisation—Chicago COMPASS. Produced by Paul Sills and David Shepherd, who now directs Group Creativity, COMPASS gave dozens of actors their first chance to create their own material in a cabaret: Mike Nichols, Elaine May, Shelley Berman, Alan Alda and Alan Arkin are the best known.

The first half of the COMPASS archive has been installed at the library of the University of Chicago, when undergrads celebrated the 50th birthday of COMPASS by replicating its first show.


Interns can work with us from a distance through phone, email and electronic image: (413) 256-3493.

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