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For David's surprise 80th, Michael Golding came from LA, Willie Wyllie from Ottawa and Howard Jerome from Toronto. Over 30 years they launched improv radio, night club and performance sports. David on right. (credit: Woody Ford)


Here are a few of the designers and trainers who’ve provided the energy and creativity that kept us together over the past 33 years. (Many are available to visit you and help you implement your own group creativity project.)

Karl Benko—New Jersey improv-logistician
Allen Davis III—playwriting teacher in NYC Latino theatre program
Randy Dixon—teacher and director of Seattle theatre festivals
Nancy Fletcher—Massachusetts improv coach and past director of Act Now!
Izzy Gesell—Massachusetts public speaker and comedian
Michael Golding—L.A. screen writer and improv teacher
Howard Jerome—Toronto actor and improv director
David Lutzer—NYC actor and expert in problem solving
Jasper McGruder—East Coast actor and teacher
Nikil Melnechuk—East Coast writer and video producer
Peter Morales—Massachusetts video editor and producer
Paul Pierog—NYC solo performer and writer
David Shepherd—project manager and curriculum developer
Evan Shepherd—Pennsylvania video cameraman and editor
Amy Swisher—Massachusetts PR specialist and teacher of paired writing
Jim Tomasello—Chicago improviser and musician
Dan Wiener—Connecticut therapist and improv director
Willie Wyllie—Ottawa producer of improv formats and high school leagues
Mark Siska—co-producer of DVD on origin of improv theatre
Robert Piller—web designer for Group Creativity Project


Nancy Fletcher has resigned as director of Act Now and has brought in Eve Brown-Waite to replace her.

Michael Golding is finding a publisher for his book on doing improv with at risk Hispanic teens.

Veronica Haddad is walking and talking as if life is not hers but of her, and she of it. She's creating a performance group that will use some of the strategies and concepts as Group Creativity.

Howard Jerome is developing his Kabala Kabaret in Toronto and taking it on the road to many cities.

David Shepherd is offering Improv for Creativity to colleges—games that boost creativity in body, emotion, character, story and song. With intern Todd he's boiling 65 years of journals down to about 100 pages.

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